Severnaya Oil Storage Company is a leader in the development and implementation of quality storage and maritime transport innovations. The company’s reputation for consistent innovation stems from: continuing to improve its use of technology and equipment; implementing international best practice; improving storage management, and enhancing knowledge management strategies for employees, including seafarers and shore-based specialists.

Severnaya Oil Storage Company has over the past years been implementing customer friendly packages and storage expansion schemes which are responsible for our overseas operations ((sub-leased based). We have also expanded our co-operation with Shipping Giants in our group to increase fleet operations and expand oil transportation; as a result, we have an increase in vessel numbers with unique technical and operational capabilities, which ensure a competitive advantage in the harsh climatic conditions of the Arctic and subarctic seas.

Our Service

Experience has taught us what our customers expect from us: the safest, most reliable and efficient logistics service possible. To make this happen, we aim to serve customers according to the safety and service standards that at least match but preferably exceed the standards of our key customers. Our Customers acknowledge our continuous efforts to improve our service quality and effectiveness. Our aim is to create long-term sustainable customer relationships at all our terminals of operation, in Russian commercial ports and overseas ports of operation.