Social Policy

The main components of the social policy of our Severnaya Oil Storage Company includes: the salary policy, the social security policy, the policy related to the veterans of labor, development and training of the personnel, external social projects.The Group of companies with our partners provides the work opportunities for around 2 500 employees. Mainly, these are highly skillful and motivated people devoted to their employer. ​The salary policy is developed so as to ensure the adequate income level for the employees and to enable regular indications for elimination of the inflation effects.

​​As a part of the salary policy, each company has its Collective Agreement, regulations on salaries, benefits and compensations. Social security is a complex of measures to ensure the normal life activity of the employees. All the partners of the Group offer the favorable conditions for work and recreation. The companies provide their employees with all the benefits and guarantees adopted on the government level (obligatory insurance etc.).

Moreover, the internal regulative document guarantee the benefits in excess of the governmental one (voluntary insurance, compensations and other payments, such as transport and meals compensations etc.). It is worth noticing that the funds allocated for this purpose exceed 400 thousand US dollars. ​Another important factor is the availability of high quality medical services for the Group's employees and members and their families, which include hospital treatment, if necessary The special role belongs to the medical recreation center in Vanino. ​The state-of-the-art equipment and advanced method (magnetic and laser therapy, photo-therapy, cardio-stimulation ultra-sound technologies) help to give medical aid and preventive care against wide range of disease. The center's services are used by over 1000 patients a year (employees and members of their families).​

Careful attention is given by our Company to the veterans of the company, who are in this case our foundation workers who have given their best to the service of the company since the earlier days of the company when we operated under sublease license. Monthly supplements to the retirement allowance, financial assistance on festal dates and on special occasions are just a part of the benefits planned for the retired employees. ​Veterans of the company are always welcomed and honored guests of the corporate events arranged by the Companies to celebrate the feasts and outstanding occasions. Another matter of our Company's concern is the human resources development, training and skills upgrade. For the period of Company operation 2009, 200 managers, experts, workers and younger specialists passed the training and improved their qualifications.The companies of the Group organize regular practical studies for the students of higher education institutions, on-the-job practice for high school and professional institutions students.