Environmental Services

Severnaya Oil Storage Company is licensed to provide environmental services for collection, transportation, utilization, disposal and recycling of hazardous wastes. Our Company’s service area covers the waters of the Port of St. Petersburg, and Baltic territorial waters, and starting from the second half of 20012 - Port of Ust-Luga. ​At Severnaya Oil Storage Company provides integrated ecological services, and operates specially equipped wastes collection vessels that collects ship-generated garbage, sewage, bilge waters and solid wastes.

Port Ust- Luga has its own liquid oily wastes recycling facility GOS-3. The wastes can be evacuated both by vessels and trucks. The GOS-3 facility can recycle the following wastes:

  1. Sludge oil and oil products;
  2. Waste oil emulsions and mixtures;
  3. Oil slick collected from oil-containment booms;
  4. Waste oils (industrial, transmission, compressor, aircraft, motor).
  5. Severnaya Oil Storage Company provides ecological services at competitive rates and guarantees the quality of work.