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  • Russia's leading storage companies,
    Majors in the maritime transportation of hydrocarbons
    Servicing and support of offshore exploration and oil & gas production in the Baltic region.We also specialize in storage of crude oil, and other petroleum products and derivatives.
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  • Master in dispensing petroleum products

    We store and dispense petroleum products

    Severnaya Oil Storage Company offers a full range of services for receiving, storing and dispensing petroleum products
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  • High Quality Storage Facilities
    The company has the best storage facilities that are in highest demand.
    Severnaya Oil Storage Company operates storage facilities that are in highest demand by the leading Russian and international oil & gas companies.
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  • Review and approval of the Development Plans and Development Budgets, as well as LNG sales agreements;
  • The Board of Directors is appointed by Company shareholders and is responsible for the overall governance of the Severnaya and for making key decisions regarding its economic, environmental and social activities, as well as for developing the Company’s business strategies.
We Implement storage expansion schemes which are responsible for our overseas operations Find out more